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Like a Cup of Hot Cocoa, We’ve got some Comfort for you During this Time of Coronavirus Isolation

Updated: Feb 17

By now, people all over the world are in isolation, getting used to a new normal and trying to readjust. We all want to live our lives to the fullest and it can be hard to know what to do with ourselves.

Here are our top 10 tips for living your best life at home.

1. Get Dressed

We get it, it’s kind of fun to work in your PJ’s and sit on the laptop under the duvet but have you been feeling a little lethargic lately? This is not surprising, especially if we are going to be indoors for a while. Get up and get dressed. This will tell your brain that you are starting your day which will kickstart your energy level and lift your mood.

Tori from Strategic Charm Boutique says it best, “If you don’t look good, you don’t feel good”. Some even believe it can change your life and make you rich. Not so sure about that one but hey it can’t hurt.

Check out our Chocolate Executive Officer (CEO) on >>>Instagram Stories with her top tips for energising your day.

2. Exercise

And we don ‘t mean going back and forth from the fridge to nibble on chocolate, although we get it. Nope, you need to get that body moving for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. Did we say this was going to be comforting? Well the good news is exercise at home can be fun. Try playing 3 of your favourite songs or even better blast those guilty pleasures, we have Elton John, I’m Still Standing and Don’t stop believing - Journey on repeat.

Guess what, you can dance like no-one’s watching, because no-one is. You can add to the moment by recording yourself on Triller or Tick Tock. You don’t have to post it, but we would love it if you did.

3. Get Fresh Air

This is a tricky one. Here in the U.K., due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you are currently allowed to go out once a day for exercise and this is a great time to get your daily dose. If you can’t go out, at the very least, open the windows wide in the morning and let that air in. This will not only energise you throughout the day, but it will keep the air in your home healthy and circulating and give you some much needed connection with the outside.

4. Eat Well

Used to grabbing a soggy sandwich at the end of the day because you didn’t have lunch? This is a great time to reassess your eating throughout the day and take some time to plan. Try cooking something nutritious whilst your working at home. You can cook a real and proper meal whilst typing on your computer, you badass you. We love Pick Up Limes, not just for the clever title but also the pretty colours. Hey, we didn’t say we’ve actually got around to cooking anything yet.

Did you know that during war time, chocolate was rationed to soldiers as an energy and morale boost? Now seems like as good a time as any to dig into a piece or 2 to lift your spirits. You don’t need to tell us twice!

5. Call/Video Call a Friend

Covid-19 has us apart, but through technology, we’re closer than ever! You might have found through the hustle and bustle of life that friendships have fallen by the wayside like that neglected avocado at the back of the fridge. Make guacamole and make a call. Everyone is in the same boat, everyone has this new-found time, this is a perfect opportunity to reconnect. If you ever want to chat to us you can reach us on what’s- app 07494 731 323 we love to choc...chat.

6. Unleash Your Next Big Thing

How many times have you said to yourself you would learn that thing, if you had the time? Well, you’ve got the time now and the path to your better self is just a click away, so whether its learning sign language or learning to be a chocolatier there’s a smorgasbord of great videos on YouTube.

Why not subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Cocoa To Thrill, we will be sharing chocolate DIY and more on there in the coming weeks.

7. Trim and Prim

Looking after yourself might be on the bottom of your list since you’re not actually seeing anyone but it’s actually the perfect time to do some of those ugly beauty regimes, you know the ones when you slather yoghurt all over your face and cling film your hair because, well you’re not seeing anyone. And boys, you can do this too.

Here are our favourites

Cocoa To Thrill’s Chocolate Face Mask

- because chocolate makes you pretty too

1 tbsp Yoghurt

½ tsp Honey

½ tsp of cocoa powder

½ tsp of oatmeal (optional)

Mix it up and slather it on.

Foot Soak

¼ cup of Epsom salts , bath salts or bubble bath

A few drops of your favourite essential oils

Drop in a bucket of nice hot water and relax

Grow your Eyelashes

Vaseline, Vitamin E Oil or Coconut Oil

Slather it on your lashes before bedtime. Give it three weeks and watch those lashes level up.

Cocoa To Thrill’s Chocolate Lip Scrub

1tsp of Vaseline/Lip Balm/Coconut Oil

½ tsp of sugar (small granules work better)

½ tsp of cocoa powder

Mix it up, gently scrub your lips and wash off for a super soft pout.

Self Hand Massage

Grab your favourite cream, add some essential oils if you have them and massage your own hands, after all that hand washing, they deserve some TLC!

8. Netflix and Chocolate

Well not just Netflix but time to take advantage of all those streaming platforms that you’ve probably been paying for and never used. Apple TV, Amazon Prime, YouTube. Is there anything better than pulling on some PJ’s, eating some chocolate and binge watching your favourite show on a weekday?

9. Clean, Clear and Get Organised

Whether it’s finally organising the years of photos on your computer or cleaning out “that drawer”, we’ve all got one. It’s time to look around, and then give yourself a long hard stare in the mirror.

No, we’re not Judging you for not finding joy in your things, Marie Kondo we hear your voice, but now is as good a time as ever to just tackle it all. We find writing a list room by room helps and doing just one or two tasks a day. Don’t be tempted to just pull it all out or you may end up in a sleeping bag on the floor surrounded by your stuff and this is how we will find you when the isolation is over, not a good look.

10. This is Your Time, Your Story, Your Life

Reflect and assess. This is an imposition yes, but you can still be in control. Use this time as a break to reenergise, strategize and make room in your life for the things you may have put to the side. A helpful way to do this is to write down some goals you have, and think about how you might achieve this when this is all over.

Don’t beat yourself up, or get mad at what you haven’t done, instead write a list just congratulating yourself. You’ve actually done so much over the years, think about it, write it down. You’ve done lots of things, no matter how small they may seem they are all little paths to the greater you. Now is the time for your next chapter, we look forward to reading it over some chocolate!


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